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Packing & Loading Tips

Packing & Loading Tips

Helpful tips when using Self Storage

Preparation with packing boxes and protecting your furniture:

Always use strong double wall cardboard boxes for moving and storage and use vinyl sealing tape for the flaps.

We can supply you with all the boxes and materials you’ll need.

Make sure everything going into store is clean and dry - so think about any items that live outside the house and get them ready well in advance.

Use wardrobe cartons which allow you to store garments on hanging rails in the box to keep their shape.

Wrap fragile and electrical items in bubble wrap or covers and box up if possible.

Large flat-pack boxes can be used as a mirror sleeve. Simply wrap your mirror or picture in bubble wrap or packing paper and slip it into a flat-pack carton and tape up the ends securely.

If white goods are going into store, you should defrost the fridge or freezer about a week beforehand (leaving the doors open) and ensure your washing machine is clean and dry.

Lawn mowers and petrol engines should be drained to prevent explosion and fire.

Loading your storage unit:

Make an inventory of stored items, including brand names. This way you will always remember what is in the storage unit.

Load large items first and fill in the gaps with smaller items to use all available space.

Keep anything you might need during storage, towards the front of the unit for easy access.

Don’t pack heavy items onto upholstered furniture or sofas.

If you need to store your sofa in a level position, use our special shelved storage units to keep them in perfect condition.

Don't stack bulging boxes as they'll tip over. Always place lighter, more fragile items on top of heavier boxes.

Maximise space by dismantling furniture where possible and stack boxes together.

Never store precious items such as jewellery, money, deeds, coins or collections.

We can’t accept hazardous goods such as petrol, petrol cans, paint, aerosols, gas bottles, fireworks or other potentially dangerous items. No perishables, plants or animals should be put in store.

See our FAQs for a full list. Link boxes: (2) Watch a video (3) FAQs (4) Storage size guide (5) Contact us

If you need assistance in store with heavier items, please let us know and we'll be pleased to help you.

We can also help with forklifting if you need it.

If you need any help or advice concerning your storage with us, please ask our friendly staff

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